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Behr manufactures a spectrum of specialized and highly rated products designed to protect and enhance the look of many floor types.
From concrete sealers, stains and finishes to porch and driveway coatings, Behr delivers advanced protection for your home’s toughest surfaces.

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In Low-Lustre or Gloss Enamel finishes, these floor paints are mildew resistant to protect and enhance your porch and patio floors.

Can of granite grip

Driveway & Garage Floor Coatings

Formulated specifically for drivable surfaces, these products will resist hot-tire pick-up with a beautiful, protective finish.

Can of decorative concrete dye

Decorative Concrete Finishes

A unique decorative finish that will transform ordinary interior/exterior concrete into an elegant floor resembling marble or glazed stone.

Concrete Stains

Available in solid and semi-transparent finishes, these durable stains are 100% acrylic and designed to protect and enhance your interior and exterior surfaces.

Jug of concrete, brick & tile wet-look sealer

Concrete Floor Sealers

Protect and beautify your home's concrete and masonry surfaces with Behr's line-up of sealers and waterproofers.

Can of concrete & masonry bonding primer

Concrete Primer

This high-performance water-based primer creates a strong adhesion between the coating and surface.